Hazard assessment

We support you in the hazard and safety assessment of substances of your interest by providing scientific advice and ad hoc solutions to solve your needs and meet regulatory requirements. Definition of a strategy to characterise the safety profile of your substance(s) making the best use of available information and non-testing methodologies is a preliminary step that allows to optimise time and costs.

Strategy definition includes:

  • Analysis of the target substance(s)
  • Analysis of the regulatory context
  • Analysis of the available information and data gaps
  • Identification of relevant endpoints
  • Identification of non-testing methodologies and software solutions

Screening and Prioritization

Non-testing methodologies, such as (Q)SAR and read-across, are particularly useful for screening purposes due to the lower monetary, timing and ethical costs with respect to experimental testing, and can be applied with the solely knowledge of the chemical structure of the target substance(s) (even before the synthesis).

We provide tailored solutions to fulfill your R&D and/or regulatory requirements making the best use of non-testing methods.

What are you looking for?

  • Screening of substance(s) for multiple endpoints to identify potential toxicological/environmental concerns
  • Screening for PBT / vPvB / endocrine disruption properties
  • Screening of multiple substances to prioritize most hazardous substances and/or direct further experimental testing


We offer training services on how non-testing methods can best be utilized and applied within different regulatory frameworks,as well as on software solutions (commercial and freely available) implementing (Q)SAR methodologies.